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welcome to your cafe sparrow.

good food,good coffée and good service in a consistent fashion. we take pride in the food we serve you, in the coffee we brew and in the way we welcome you and look after you.

From thrift furniture and vintage dinnerware, to found objects and unfinished concrete walls, our café is filled with things that tell many a great story. With new meaning and purpose, these represent what we always want My sparrow Café to be – a place where we bring out the sparrowness in each other.

our ever-evolving space is a reflection ofdesign philosophy - redemption in reinvention.

our food

We work with an array of different roasters, talk to your
barista to find out what's brewing today. Items with are best selling.


filter - 3

classic drip, always fresh.

espresso - 2.5

the classic. we serve singles.

flat 'water' white - 4

one shot, thin milk. no meth.

latte - 4

one shot, milk, served in glass.

piccolo - 3

like a latte but mini size.

long black - 3

hot water, two shots on top.


lung jing - 4

vert, chine.

chung hao - 4

vert, pollen de jasmin, chine.

le parfum - 4

vert, fruits rouges, rhubarbe.

yunnan imperial - 5

noir, chine.

earl grey - 4

noir, chine.

le secret - 4

rouge, vanille jasmin, afrique.

life is
short, eat
dessert first!

soft drinks

the apple juice of m. biberon - 4

the best apple juice in the region, simply!

iced tea au thé rouge - 4

iced rooibos tea, elderberry and passion fruit by charitea.

nectar of fishing white - 4

sweet and fruity flavor that smells like summer.

holy sparkling water 70cl - 3.5

micro filtered and macrobulled on site. because it's good when it stings!

peel lemon limonade green - 4

excellent soft! lemonaid reserves in addition 5cents / bottle to their asso.

béers & coctails

half ale / brooklyn brewery - 6

beer of yesteryear intended to quench the thirst of the workers, lightly.

lager / brooklyn brewery - 6

the classic brooklyn! developed according to a recre pre-prohibition.

holy bloody mary - 10

a classic done right! vodka, tomato juice, fresh horseradish, worcestershire, tabasco.. it hurts so good.

the dolin blanc fever - 8

a few rocks, a generous splash of dolin vermouth blanc and the best tonic on the market by fever tree.

le cidre de m. biberon 75cl - 8

semi-dry and delicious, perfect for sharing ... or not.

this way to sparrow

If you want to give your event a touch of sparrow, connect directly with us today and let's co-create something delightful for you.

Eiffel Tower

Gustave Eiffel's iconic, wrought-iron 1889 tower,
with steps and elevators to observation decks.

Address: Via Cerva 911 - Milano, Italy


Phone: +13234324534